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Case Study: Suspensory Desmitis Lameness

A Quarter Horse gelding competing in Western Riding at the 2005 AQHA World Show developed an acute lameness of the right front limb with pronounced pain of the suspensory ligament origin below the palmar aspect of the right carpus. This pain was associated with a noticeably shortened stride and a reluctance to change leads to the right.

Multiple 30-minute Game Ready® Equine treatments per day were used each of the five days leading up to his event, with significant improvement noted each day. The horse competed in the preliminary event and made the finals. The finals were held two days after the prelims and the horse performed exceptionally well, which was up to its potential.

The cold and compression therapy Game Ready Equine provides made a significant difference in the rate of healing and comfort level of an otherwise crippling condition of the horse’s proximal suspensory ligament.

Game Ready’s unique combination of closely controlled cold treatment with intermittent air-driven compression is an innovative and remarkably effective way to reduce inflammation, pain, and swelling from an injury or inflammatory condition of a horse’s leg. 

The treatment is well tolerated by the horse and can be combined with any number of treatment methods, including pre and post surgery, since it is delivered in a dry application.

G. David McCarroll, D.V.M., Diplomate A.C.V.I.M.
Interstate Equine Services, Inc.

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