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Case Study: Preventative Maintenance
Our equine athletes compete in a diverse range of activities, each requiring a combination of strength and conditioning resulting in appropriate physical fitness for the specified task. For optimal performance, equine athletes need proper nutrition, balanced training, careful monitoring, and rigorous supportive care. A balanced exercise program to strengthen bone, muscle, tendons, and ligaments is paramount. Too little stress does not result in adequate conditioning. Too much stress causes overloading which results in breakdown of tissues.

Even with proper training, tissues are stressed and minor damage occurs resulting in inflammations. Daily palpation of limbs prior to and post exercise can help evaluate any areas which may be over stressed. However, not all minor tissue damage is easily detected. Tissue injury also results in the release of inflammatory mediators which cause “leakiness” in vessels thus resulting in edema. By minimizing inflammation from minor tissue damage we can help to prevent potential injuries. Applying the concept of decreasing inflammation through cold and compression with the Game Ready® Equine System, we can help prevent injuries in our equine athletes.

With Game Ready’s cyclical compression, edema is effectively decreased. Game Ready’s cold therapy also helps limit the inflammatory response through vasoconstriction. Use of the Game Ready Equine System after daily workouts is simple, clean, and effective in helping our equine athletes reach their full potential.

Dr. Hilda Baisel
Pioneer Clinic, CA

Game Ready Human Products

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