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Case Study: Post-Operative Recovery

Pre-operative and post-operative pressure bandaging is common practice in equine arthroscopy, but the use of combination cold and compression devices for these purposes have been under-utilized.

The value of compression-bandaging following acute injury is well known to horse trainers and owners, but largely ignored in the immediate post-operative phase by surgeons. The use of wet ice and ice slushes should obviously be avoided, given the recent incisions into the joints. However, dry cold and compression products have a role in reducing post-operative pain and swelling that is recognized in human arthroscopy and the rehabilitation of athletes. So too can these modalities assist in providing the same benefits in accelerating recovery compared to simple bandaging following hock arthroscopy, and the resolution of symptoms, particularly periarticular swelling.

Game Ready® cold and compression treatments, 30 minutes per treatment, for 2-4 weeks after surgery is invaluable to recovery.

Dr. Alan Nixon, BVSc, MS
Cornell University 

Game Ready Human Products

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