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A 9-year-old gelding Barrel Horse was presented as an emergency at Strong River Equine with grade 5 lameness, pitting edema extending from the coronet band to upper cannon

Bone, and a puncture to the lateral side of the right rear fetlock. Radiographs were negative and ultrasound revealed a fluid pocket around a disruption of the annular ligament on the lateral fetlock. Cellulitis in the same area was also evident. After the first treatment with the Game Ready® Equine System, the horse was able to walk out of the clinic with all four feet and much less pain. The owner took the Game Ready System home and applied the device every four hours over the next five days. The pitting edema was gone after the first day and continued to improve despite a 4 cm area necrosing the skin and underlying connective tissue. Necrosis of the lesion was continuous for the following week. Marble sized chunks of tissue were removed twice as a result of saline lavage, yet the horse was not lame beyond the first week. Game Ready absolutely played a big role in controlling inflammation and pain. We believe that by slowing the inflammatory process we were able to save vital tissue in the fetlock and keep the infection from extending to the fetlock joint.

Dr. Larry Mayberry
Strong River Equine, Brandon, Mississippi

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