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Chronic Lameness

A 25-year-old retired Cutting Horse gelding was presented to the hospital for acute right forelimb lameness.

Upon arrival, the horse was 3/5 lame at a walk with significant right front fetlock synovial effusion. The horse was 5/5 lame upon fetlock flexion. Radiographs revealed a short, incomplete, non-displaced medial condylar fracture of the distal palmar metacarpal bone.

The owners elected conservative treatment. Due to the horse’s age and past medical history, surgery and/or general anesthesia was not an option. The owner took the horse home with anti-inflammatories, support bandage, and stall confinement. After five days, the horse became 5/5 lame and was brought back to the hospital. The owners elected to have the horse treated for 30 minutes, twice a day for five days with the Game Ready® Equine System. After each treatment a Kimzey splint was applied. During the treatment the horse would lower his heel to the ground and stand normally. After the fifth day, the fetlock swelling had subsided approximately 70%. The horse was using the Kimzey splint to walk.

The horse went home with the Kimzey splint. After 30 days the splint was removed. The horse was 3/5 lame at the walk with only a small amount of synovial effusion in the fetlock joint. His owners will keep heavy support wraps on for 30 more days and 60 days of stall confinement.

The Game Ready Equine System was tremendously beneficial in reducing the inflammation and pain. By continuing this treatment it allowed the horse to use the Kimzey splint to move around while the condylar fracture continued to heal.

DeRoy White, D.V.M.
Sapulpa Veterinary Hospital

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