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It’s hard to watch your horse hurting. Maybe he’s suffering from chronic lameness, or perhaps he’s experiencing an acute injury or post-operative pain. In any case, you’d like to prevent injuries altogether or help your horse recover as quickly as possible. There’s nothing you’d like more than to get back in the ring now.

That’s where the Game Ready® Accelerated Recovery System for equines comes in. Game Ready is the choice of top riders and veterinarians because it conveniently combines both active compression and dry cold therapy to help accelerate your horse’s recovery.

This is buying made easy! A choice of four pre-packaged kits designed to get you started now.

Warning: The purchase of a Game Ready® System from a third party website, such as a public auction site, or through any private third party individual should be approached with caution. While sellers are required to confirm the condition of such devices, because there is no way to verify the condition of devices purchased from any of those sources identified above, the warranty for devices purchased from such sites or parties cannot be honored and will be void.

The Control Unit features an easy-to-use interface, allowing you to quickly manage compression levels and treatment time settings. Completely portable, the lightweight Control Unit can be run on AC power or optional battery pack kit and used while in the protective Carry Bag.

Dual-Action Wraps

Our ergonomic Dual-Action Wraps are engineered using patented spacesuit technology to simultaneously supply active cyclical compression (also called “intermittent compression”) and advanced cold therapies — all in one adjustable system.

Utility Wrap
Full Leg Wrap
Hock Wrap
Back Wrap

No matter where you’d like to provide therapy for your horse, our Single and Dual Connector Hoses and other accessories enhance the value of your Game Ready System. Maximize the advantages of portability with a Rechargeable Battery Pack Kit for use around the barn and easily bring your Game Ready System to horse shows with a protective Carry Bag.

tested on people.

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