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Rental and Financing Options
Game Ready® understands that different horse owners have different needs. Some riders are looking for a short term solution that will help their horse recover from a one-time injury or surgery, and others are looking for ongoing injury prevention and care for chronic problems. To that end, we offer a range of solutions to put Game Ready to work for you and your horse.


Is your horse about to undergo surgery? Is he suffering from an acute injury? Or maybe you’re looking to give Game Ready a try before purchasing your own system. If you decide to buy the system, a portion of the rental fees will be applied towards your purchase!

1) Basic Kit
4-week rental: $400
Includes: Control Unit with AC Adapter, Dual Connector Hose,
Carry Bag

2) Add Wraps
4-week rental: $50/setup
Utility Wraps (2)
Full Leg Wraps (left & right)
Hock Wraps (left & right)


Game Ready’s dry cold and active compression can start helping your horse perform at his best today. And our financing program can help you get started now.


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