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Help horses get back in the ring faster.

When a horse sustains a soft tissue injury or requires orthopedic surgery, your clients look to you for help. Now you can feel good about offering them an effective, convenient, and non-invasive solution to the management of soft tissue injuries while growing your business. Riders and veterinarians report Game Ready® Equine’s Accelerated Recovery System has been the secret to helping their horses get back in the ring faster and even helps sound horses continue to perform at their peak. 

RICE meets NASA.

Game Ready was born from the revolutionary idea of using spacesuit technology to treat athletic injuries. As a designer for NASA, our founder helped pioneer the technology involved in controlling temperature and pressure in spacesuits. Later, he began working with human athletes, athletic trainers, and doctors to expand his discoveries into the realm of sports medicine. The positive feedback associated with the company's first Game Ready prototypes was overwhelming. Sprains, strains, and bruises healed better and faster. Post-operative patients recovered more quickly.

Game Ready’s entry into the equine industry began as a small test market in 2004. When the United States Equestrian Team (USET) learned of the new product, they offered their equine expertise as a complement to Game Ready’s technology know-how. The result is a product that has since set a new standard in cold and compression therapy. Game Ready Equine’s dry cold and active compression offers effective treatment for inflammation and soft tissue injuries, as well as acute tendon injuries, suspensory desmitis, laminitis, bucked shins, splints, swelling inflammation, and post-surgery recovery.

Simple, convenient, and portable.

The system features a microprocessor-enabled, portable Control Unit that is simple enough for your clients to use themselves. Anyone involved in the care of horses will be able to regulate pneumatic (air) pressure and time settings with just the push of several buttons. Treatment sessions can be customized based on the horse’s needs.

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