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You care about the horses under your care and want to help them feel their best all the time. Using Game Ready® Equine as a complementary modality helps you achieve that goal. Just as an athletic trainer or physical therapist for human athletes will provide post-workout care after training or in the treatment of a strained tendon, so too can Game Ready Equine help you provide best care practices to your equine clients. Because Game Ready Equine is portable, you can provide treatments at horse shows, and even ringside.

Learn more about how active compression and dry cold can help your patients perform at their peak and recover faster from soft tissue injuries.


Until Game Ready there hadn't been a recovery system that applied both intermittent compression and cold therapy simultaneously. Combining these two therapies in a single application gives us a capability we haven't had before and the result has been a tremendous reduction in soft tissue swelling, thereby improving the overall healing process.

Dr. Kent Allen, DVM
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